active file has strange low/hi mark values

Eric McDonald ericm at
Thu Jun 28 22:18:30 UTC 2001

I tried resetting the numbers to zero for one of the groups in question and
re-ran ctlinnd renumber on it, and it once again put the bizzare value for
the low mark:

comp.os.os2.advocacy 0000000001 0000000001 y
To (after renumber):
comp.os.os2.advocacy 2147483647 0000000001 y

Where does renumber get this value from?  What algorithm is it going through
to determine the low mark?


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I have a large number of newsgroups with ludicrous high/low mark values: 2147483650 2147483648 y

for example.  I've tried removing a group and re-adding it and it doesn't

I've also completely rebuilt overview and uniover databases to try and
resolve but these values keep coming back on a handful of groups (about
200 of them).

I've even completely blown out my article spool (I use cnnfs) and
reset my entire news server!  But this problem has come back after a

When one of my users tries to use tin to hit one of these groups it
crashes and they are unable to read news.

This is INN 2.2.3 on Sparc/Linux...

I'm not sure what to do next... Any advice on why these bad values creep
back would be greatly appreciated.


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