checkgroups format

greg andruk supersede at
Thu Mar 1 13:54:09 UTC 2001

> and son of 1036 says checkgroups should not have blank lines anyway.
> Is this another product of Fluffy's interesting (the Chinese way) perl
> setup or is really needed and should be left?

While I deeply regret damping this additional opportunity for you to
bash my work, I am not responsible for the behavior of checkgroups as
distributed with INN.  It has been heavily modified by other parties
to the point that I no longer recognize it.  The same applies to other
files in that group.

This uncertainty could have been avoided if the license terms under
which the original was distributed (Perl Artistic) had been respected
when it was merged into INN.  That license requires modifications to
be documented, but this was not done.

So, you are on your own figuring out what checkgroups does and why.

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