INN not keeping up with incoming news

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Mar 4 06:37:26 UTC 2001

Alex Kiernan <alexk at> writes:

> We've just taken to locking the history.{hash,index} in core; its worked
> wonders - we've gone from spending hours per day in HIS* to under 10
> minutes (although I've no doubt that some of the time is hidden
> elsewhere). Thinking about how you do page cleaning in an OS, I can
> imagine that the INN history hash is a hard problem to solve when its
> mmap()ed. There's an interesting comment from Matt Dillon I turned up:


> If anyone's interested, here's the code we're using (it doubtless has
> some Solaris assumptions, I haven't tried building it anywhere else):

This program is now in contrib so that other folks can more easily play
with it.

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