Behaviour of newnews/readers.conf/inn.conf

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Mar 5 02:31:49 UTC 2001

Dave Williams <dave at> writes:

> a copy of -current-20010226, cvsup'd yesterday ; I had a short amount of
> fun getting NEWNEWS working.

> The documentation (well, INSTALL) seems to suggest that as was
> previously the case enabling NEWNEWS or not by default is done using
> 'allownewnews:' in inn.conf ; this doesn't quite seem to be the case any
> more -

> The documentation for readers.conf with regards to access groups (and in
> particular the access: keyword within an access group) states that
> including the 'N' flag for a particular reader will override
> 'allownewnews:'.

> At the moment, it seems that omitting 'N' from an access list will turn
> off NEWNEWS for matching clients regardless of what allownewnews is set
> to rather than (as would seem to be more logical) treating it as the
> default.  Is the current behaviour intentional? It's no biggie, but it
> had me confused for a few minutes...

It's kind of annoying, but probably should be left as is for right now.  I
see Katsuhiro already added more documentation to readers.conf; I'll
clarify in INSTALL that readers.conf overrides.

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