Difference between Suse-RPM and tar.gz?

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Mar 5 02:34:00 UTC 2001

Alex Huth <ahuth at lanworks.de> writes:

> I´ve made an update from the Suse 2.2.x RPM to 2.3 with the tar.gz file. 
> After this there are a lot of problems like throttling, can´t symlink and so 
> on. After upgrading it runs at it best.
> So is there a difference between this packages and how can i solve this 
> problem. I need the 2.3 because I want the readers.conf ;-)

INN 2.2 to INN 2.3 is a major upgrade; you have to completely rebuild
history and overview after upgrading.  Did you do that after installing
the new version from the tarball?

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