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Alex Kiernan alexk at
Tue Mar 6 14:10:37 UTC 2001

Russ Allbery <rra at> writes:

> The other thing that NEW lets us do is write C++-compliant malloc code by
> casting the return of malloc to the appropriate type, and adds a touch of
> safety by forcing the programmer to think in terms of a quantity X of data
> type Y.  These are somewhat useful properties; personally, I think the
> obfuscation of the code caused by not using something that has the same
> interface as malloc is more of a drawback than those macros gain, but it's
> because they do arguably have some utility that I haven't already gotten
> rid of them.

Certainly I found it that way whilst writing code using them - I was
introducing bugs I'd never have made with a malloc interface.

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