How to initialize overview database ?

Dmitry Novosjolov novodim at
Wed Mar 14 16:07:10 UTC 2001

Hello, Katsuhiro Kondou.

I'm sorry for posting directly, but I'm so confused about my INN.

I started to use INN-2.3.1 on BSDI 4.0 box.
I have an old news spool, and I don't want to loose old acticles.
But old articles are not visible for readers, as soon as they are not listed
in overview database
(inn.conf - ovmethod:   tradindexed).

Previous release of expireover  (inn-2.2) had option -a to initialize
overview database according the current state of spool. But now it hasn't
such option.

Question: how can I add into overview database information about existing
articles (not reseived by innd normally) ?

Best regards,
Novosjolov Dmitry,
System Administrator of NSU
phone: 7 3832 397354
pager: 24242, station 080

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