Problems sending news

Ryan Williams rgw at
Fri Mar 23 20:39:02 UTC 2001


About 3 weeks ago I setup a news server with a limited news feed and thought
that everything was set and ready to go. I found out about a day later that
none of the posts were showing up on any of the other internet news servers
when the users posted. I have been working on this problem for over two
weeks and I have not found the answer yet. I do not see any errors in any of
the log files in /var/log/news. In particular I was looking at
/var/log/news/nntpsend.log. It had errors in it before which I fixed and now
the log contains this over and over which I did not percieve as an error but
more as a normal thing (Please correct me if I am wrong.):

nntpsend: [98979] start
nntpsend: file /usr/local/news/spool/outgoing/outgoing for not found
nntpsend: skipping via outgoing
nntpsend: [98979] stop

Does this look normal. I am assuming that since it is a spool that it would
not have a file unless there was something to send. If this is normal where
should I be looking to find some type of error message that would tell me
what is going on? What other logfiles should I look in and what other
information should I provide that would be usefull in describing this


Ryan Williams

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