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bill davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Thu Mar 29 21:17:18 UTC 2001

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Jeffrey M. Vinocur <jeff at litech.org> wrote:

| I haven't thought about the pros and cons very closely, but I just went
| and stared at the examples being presented and I have to admit I find
| Russ' more intuitive.  I just don't like things like "129kb orgreater" and
| "then send using inpaths", etc.  I would definitely be interested in
| seeing further justification, though; I'm not entirely convinced.

  Agreed. Having a nice nested syntax is fine; complexety until it can
be read aloud by someone who know nothing about news is not a
requirement, and I find that it's actually harder to read if you make it
too verbose. Like COBOL.

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