Last call for INN 2.3.2

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Fri Mar 30 19:31:46 UTC 2001

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| >   I'm not sure what made the 0222-STABLE so much slower at artwrite and
| > hiswrite than 0222-CURRENT, but did whatever sped things up get in the
| > STABLE release? I got a significant reduction in write* times, which
| > make my machines viable a little longer.
| > 
| Probably Katsuhiro's mega changes to art.c (et al) - I wouldn't have
| expected those to into -STABLE.

  Yeah, the ones which increase my idle time by about 5x. Those. I'm
using that capability to drive out daemons (cyclone and NNTPrelay) in
several places. I'm hoping that will carry me until the threaded transit
code is stable.

  I'm never sure what gets into STABLE, I sure think the old code is a
bug, but I realize people on this list may have atypical requirements.

  Thanks for clarifying, I was just hoping not to run CURRENT in

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