GnuPG support for pgpverify

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed May 9 12:05:42 UTC 2001

Marco d'Itri <md at Linux.IT> writes:
> On May 06, Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote:

>> Once this change is in, I'll modify configure to search for gpgv first
>> when trying to find a PGP binary.  pgpverify with this patch decides
>> what flavor of PGP it's talking to by seeing if the command is gpgv or
>> not.

> I think it's confusing, gpgv has a very different API than the usual pgp
> or gpg commands, so I really think it should have his own variable name.

Yeah, you're probably right and I was being lazy.  Okay, I'll make that

>> Marco (and other packagers), should I also leave gpgverify in the tree
>> for Linux distributions or the like where you don't even have to think
>> about traditoinal PGP or Perl 4 support, or is it more hassle than it's
>> worth to worry about two versions?

> I think it's better to distribute gpgverify too, it's way simpler to
> understand/debug/modify and I still hope the old cruft in pgpverify will
> be ripped of someday. :-)

Right.  :)  pgpverify wouldn't be too bad if Perl 4 support were dropped.

>> -# Version 1.13.1, 16 Feb 2001
>> +# Version 1.14, 6 May 2001

> Please don't forget credits. :-)

Added that to the change history.

>> +# If you keep your keyring somewhere that is not the default used by pgp,
>> +# uncomment the next line and set appropriately.  If you have INN and the
>> +# script is able to successfully include your file, this
>> +# will be set to $inn::newsetc/pgp if that directory exists unless you set
>> +# it explicitly.
>> +# $keyring = '/path/to/your/pgp/config';

> You may want to add that gpg will use a file named pubring.gpg found in
> the $keyring directory.


>> +if (! $keyring && $inn'newsetc) {
>> +  $keyring = $inn'newsetc . '/pgp' if -d $inn'newsetc . '/pgp';
>> +}

> This is bad, please revert it to the original code:

I can't use the original code since it would set the PGP key ring for PGP
to pubring.gpg, but I have now modified the GnuPG sub to set the keyring
to a plain 'pubring.gpg' if $keyring isn't set.  That should do the same.

Thanks!  I'll send a new patch to tale.

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