GnuPG support for pgpverify

Marco d'Itri md at Linux.IT
Wed May 9 13:05:38 UTC 2001

On May 09, Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote:

 >> I think it's confusing, gpgv has a very different API than the usual pgp
 >> or gpg commands, so I really think it should have his own variable name.
 >Yeah, you're probably right and I was being lazy.  Okay, I'll make that
Another reason to have a different variable is that gpgv is used also by
perl-nocem, which I still have to polish and submit for inclusion in the
next release.

 >>> +if (! $keyring && $inn'newsetc) {
 >>> +  $keyring = $inn'newsetc . '/pgp' if -d $inn'newsetc . '/pgp';
 >>> +}
 >> This is bad, please revert it to the original code:
 >I can't use the original code since it would set the PGP key ring for PGP
 >to pubring.gpg, but I have now modified the GnuPG sub to set the keyring
 >to a plain 'pubring.gpg' if $keyring isn't set.  That should do the same.
Then I think using pubring.pgp for both programs would be an even better


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