Status of INN 2.4.0 (was: Last call for INN 2.3.2)

Nicholas Geovanis nickgeo at
Wed May 9 19:16:57 UTC 2001

On 9 May 2001, Russ Allbery wrote:

> * Replace the current innshellvars mechanism with a real INN Perl module
>   for Perl programs, and include the necessary glue so that other Perl
>   modules can be added to INN's build tree and installed with INN,
>   allowing their capabilities to be available to the portions of INN
>   written in Perl.  [Russ will be working on this.]

This seems to imply that perl scripts will be replacing the generated
shell scripts for installation and configuration _in toto_. Or am I
reading too much into it? (not a bad idea anyway IMO....)

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