Authenticated clients?

bill davidsen davidsen at
Wed May 9 22:54:33 UTC 2001

Ed Halley <ed at> wrote:

| How can I make at least one of the access groups in the
| readers.conf file require an authentication?  I'm not
| familiar with the protocol involved, but news reader
| client applications offer an account/password step for
| some kinds of servers.

  Auth isn't done by group, so you need to define an alternate stanza to
be used if auth is offered. So the default stanza would have a
Newsgroups of something like "*,!secret.*" while the stanza with auth
would just be "*" for access.

  Rather than diddle with the users, I use a Key field to force the auth
and access stanzas to map the way I want. Don't forget the match order
rules for this file, put the authenticating stanza last.
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