buffindexed overview overflow

Ilya Etingof ilya at glas.net
Mon May 28 09:53:03 UTC 2001


According to innd error reporting, I've got my overview buffers overflown:

May 28 13:07:10 news innd: [ID 696925 news.error] buffindexed: ovaddrec
could not get new block
May 28 13:07:10 news innd: [ID 499406 news.error] buffindexed: no space
left for buffer, adding 'it.arti.musica.rock.progressive'
May 28 13:07:10 news innd: [ID 508530 news.error] SERVER cant store
overview for @03014330543353360000005FDFD900000006@

Though, the inndf -o does not seem to prove this:

news at news:~ilya> ~news/bin/inndf -o
54 % overview space used
news at news:~ilya>

It's a stock INN 2.3.1 which is running for a few month here till it ended
up throttling because of this overview problem:

news at news:~ilya> ~news/bin/ctlinnd mode
Server throttled Resource temporarily unavailable writing creating
overview file -- throttling
Allowing remote connections
Parameters c 10 i 50 (0) l 0 o 371 t 300 H 2 T 60 X 0 normal specified
Not reserved
Readers follow enabled
Perl filtering enabled
news at news:~ilya>

This box has 7GB in buffindexed overview partitions for 64GB in CNFS
partitions so it seems to be a lot of space for overview information,
is not it?

So, my question is whether or not my overview buffers are overflown
so I should add some more to the pool? Or it's rather a glitch so I should
better try to rebuild the overview from CNFS?

BTW, is there any way to see if any of my buffindexed partitions is really

Thank you,

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