Renumber the ni and low marks the active file

Lisa Ungar lungar at
Tue May 29 19:29:36 UTC 2001


Some background:

Reading the software group has given me the following
information for the expire.ctl file



I also read that this would automatically expire the groups removed using
the ctlinnd rmgroup command, except that it is mentioned that  in
news.daily expire would never remove these articles because the group is no
longer in the active list.

So, I try the ctlinnd cancel Message-ID command:

I run the news.daily command 2 times to remove the articles from the
history files. (The first time, it expires the articles the second time it
drops the articles)  It appears to not remove the lines in the  Overview
directory or to do anything when the expireover command is running.

Therefore I remove the *.DAT and *.IDX files and then rebuild the overview
using the following command

makehistory -O -x -I

Next, I did a ctlinnd renumber command on the newsgroup  and it renumbered
it to the original himark number

I am running 2.3.0 and saw then append that the this number is coming from
the group.index file, so I renamed the group.index file and ran the

makehistory -O -x -I

command to get a new group.index file, it still has the original himark.

Is there another way?  I can always reset the number inside the active file
itself, but I would like to know where else it may get the number?

Do I still need to run the makedbz command even though it says that it
dropped the articles?

Next question, should I do a ctlinnd cancel on all articles and then
rmgroup ?  Or can I just rebuild the history file after removing a group
from the active file using makehistory, manually remove the articles using
rm, and then run makehistory to rebuild the overview? Should I remove all
articles  and the group, readd the group and copy the articles not
cancelled to reset the hi and lowmarks in the active file?

Oh here are the settings in my inn.conf file:

ovmethod: tradindexed
useoverchan:   false
enableoverview:  true
groupbaseexpiry: true

This is what in my storage file

method tradspool {
     newsgroups: *
     class: 1

Thanks for your help,


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