Renumber the ni and low marks the active file

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Wed May 30 03:13:33 UTC 2001

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	"Lisa Ungar" <lungar at> wrote;

} Is there another way?  I can always reset the number inside the active file
} itself, but I would like to know where else it may get the number?

- remove group.index
- edit active file to set himark whatever you like
- run makehistory

would do what you want.

} Do I still need to run the makedbz command even though it says that it
} dropped the articles?

It's necessary every time you recreate history.

} Next question, should I do a ctlinnd cancel on all articles and then
} rmgroup ?  Or can I just rebuild the history file after removing a group
} from the active file using makehistory, manually remove the articles using
} rm, and then run makehistory to rebuild the overview? Should I remove all
} articles  and the group, readd the group and copy the articles not
} cancelled to reset the hi and lowmarks in the active file?

I'm not sure what you're aiming, but assuming you just want
to delelte a group, you need to remove articles manually for
that group.  Any other operation is not needed.

tradindexed does not care articles for deleted newsgroups.
Neigher ovdb does.  buffindexed DOES care.

Katsuhiro Kondou

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