problems feeding posts to upstream newsfeed

Sam Ducksworth ducksworth at
Thu Nov 1 21:47:30 UTC 2001


I have set up our news server in a "pull" configuration and use
the script to populate my news server. That works
fine. My news readers can also read all the messages and even post
back to our news server (not the upstream provider). The clients 
messages appear in the ../incoming directory and i run "rnews" and they 
are put in correct batch file in ../outgoing.

The problem occurs when I run nntpsend to send the posts to our upstream 
provider. I keep getting messages about "ihave" not supported. Have any 
of you encountered this? Do I need to set my site up as "push" instead 
of "pull". I tried using the send-nntp script to send the batched 
messages but that failed as well.

BTW i use inn-2.3.2 from

Thanks for any help!!


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