problems feeding posts to upstream newsfeed

Sam Ducksworth ducksworth at
Fri Nov 2 18:27:04 UTC 2001

Wim Lewis wrote:

> On Thursday, November 1, 2001, at 02:47  PM, Jeffrey M. Vinocur wrote:
>>On Thu, 1 Nov 2001, Sam Ducksworth wrote:
>>>The problem occurs when I run nntpsend to send the posts to our 
>>>provider. I keep getting messages about "ihave" not supported. Have any
>>>of you encountered this? Do I need to set my site up as "push" instead
>>>of "pull".
>>You need to do one of two things:
>>- get an actual feed (i.e., contact your upstream newsadmin and ask
>>  for one)
>>- use a program (such as "suck" or "news") which is designed for
>>  sending posts back
> Hmmm, I just responded to Mr Ducksworth off-list. I don't think this is 
> correct: it's not necessary to have a feed in order to use IHAVE. It is 
> necessary that the upstream site be configured to accept a feed from you 
> (e.g. you must be in incoming.conf), but there's no requirement that the 
> upstream site be actively feeding you. You can use a 'pull'-type feed to 
> receive articles and still use IHAVE for outgoing articles.

thanks guys. i have downloaded the "suck" program and i think this may 
be just what the doctor ordered. if not i think i will change over to a 
push feed instead. i dug around some more and found out they are using 
dnews for there pull feeds and typhoon for the push feeds.the pull feeds 
from them are pull only, no posting.

i liked the pull because i could control what, when, where and how i got 
my news updates. cant have everything. :-)

once again thanks for the help.


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