Problems with large amoung of rmgroup requests coming through.

Eric McDonald ericm at
Fri Nov 2 00:05:49 UTC 2001

I've been having problems with all sorts of  rmgroup commands coming through
my server.

They all seem to be coming from the same person:

Nov  1 15:38:37 news controlchan[1091]: control_rmgroup, t-netz.werbung
edhew at edhew at
@030362756666303800000019D4EE00000001@,, doit, 1

Nov  1 15:38:30 news controlchan[1091]: control_rmgroup,
edhew at edhew at
@03036275666630340000001A611A00000001@,, doit, 1

According to my control.ctl file, this person should only have authority to
remove groups in the biz.* area, so why is my server responding to control

bash$ grep edhew control.ctl
newgroup:edhew at*:doit
rmgroup:edhew at*:doit
# Contact: Ed Hew <edhew at>

Any help would be appreciated.  So many control messages are being sent that
it takes down my server.  I'm get load averages over 50.


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