basic question on Also-Control: header

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Nov 8 22:56:52 UTC 2001

Lisa Ungar <lungar at> writes:

> I was trying use the follow headers:

> Newsgroup: Anothergroupname
> Subject: csmg newgroup groupname
> From: your at name
> Approved: your at name
> Also-Control: newgroup groupname

> to both create a new group and post the article to an existing group at
> the same time.

> The document says that Also-Control would treat it both as an regular
> article and then follow the control actions listed in the line.

> Using the above actions, it just appended it as a regular actticle to
> anothergroupname and didn't create a new group.  Is Also-Control only
> meant to be used like a Supercedes?:

Per the INN NEWS file:

  * To simplify anti-abuse filtering, and to be more compliant with news
    standards and proposed standards, INN now treats as control messages
    only articles containing a Control header.  A Subject line beginning
    with "cmsg " is no longer sufficient for a message to be considered a
    control message, and the Also-Control header is no longer supported.

It causes problems with regular Usenet groups because a lot of filters
don't know to look for Also-Control and a lot of automated programs only
look at the control.* groups and wouldn't find the control messages.

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