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werdnareid at netscape.net werdnareid at netscape.net
Fri Nov 9 20:16:31 UTC 2001

The thing is i was advised to try to telnet to port 119
from the server & if that diebt work to telnet from a client
i get the same err on both ocation. How ever if i run nnrpd
in a bash shell it completes the test.
thats whats puzzeling

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In article <2D6536E4.0360A0FE.10DAA8D5 at netscape.net>,
    werdnareid at netscape.net wrote;

} from the server , i get the same error message if i try to telnet in on port 119 here is squid running on the machine. However squid isent configured to use port 119

Then, how what you wrote before comes?

In article <496F20B5.2656F4FB.10DAA8D5 at netscape.net>,
    werdnareid at netscape.net wrote;

} When i run nnrpd after building & installing inn-2.3.2-5 
} useing all the defaults & --with-perl
} this is what i get from nnrpd "200 lin InterNetNews NNRP server inn2.3.2 ready (posting OK).

Katsuhiro Kondou

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