[FWD: Re: Unable to connect]

werdnareid at netscape.net werdnareid at netscape.net
Sun Nov 11 17:59:04 UTC 2001

After installing "inn" useing a rpm i added the (auth) 
and (access) entries to the reader.conf & edited the inn.conf to match 
my domain & host settings

After which started innd & tried to connect to it useing OUTLOOK
i got an err saying unable to connect.

i then decided to get help by joinging this group.

i was to (1) to try compileing and installing inn from source
instead of useing thr"rpm", which i did & made the changes just as i did 
before to the same files mentioned above. & got the same result.
i was then asked to try & telnet to the inn pot (119)
to see if i could connect ,both from the server itself & from  a client
so at a shell on my server i typed "telnet x.x.x.x 119"
and was unable to connect"the err or was connection refused"
The same was the result when i tried from a client.

Nb: in not sure if telnet calls are allowed to connect to news servers ok.
thats for the help.

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