BerkeleyDB, crash, *.log files

Basil Kruglov basil at
Mon Nov 12 04:36:20 UTC 2001

Hi everyone,

Few days ago my news box box crashed, I rebooted the box and ./
start, everything worked fine, however I noticed BerkeleyDB after a while
start taking more space, I see over 500 log.* files now..

[vallen:/usr2/news/overview]: ls -la log.* | wc -l

and they're not getting removed at all. And according to db_archive they're
all in use.

Nighly "expireover lowmark" are not doing anything.. just
sitting there forever after passing through about 75% of the active file,
I compared ~news/log/expire.lowmark with ~news/db/active

Does anyone know how to fix this behavior? Should I attempt to ovdb_recover -f?
If so, any idea how long it might take to recover and get rid of those
files, I'm running out of space :/


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