BerkeleyDB, recovery attempt

Basil Kruglov basil at
Mon Nov 12 06:43:59 UTC 2001

Hello again everyone,

Our of curiosity I just cvsuped latest inn, compiled with 
--enable-tagged-hash --with-perl and berkeleydb, configured cycbuffs for
article storage and ovdb for overview storage.. BerkeleyDB 3.2.9

made sure everything works perfectly, I can post, cancel, you name it.

I renamed overview (ovdb) directory, mkdir new overview, chown to
tried to recover:

~news/bin/makehistory -O
makehistory: OVopen failed

After getting this error I started ovdb_init as news, tried makehistory -O
but still getting the same error, renamed history* at ~news/db directory,
created new history* files, makehistory -O gives the same error..

inncheck - no errors... nothing in the log files that would give me any idea
why makehistory is complaning.. I'm running the same command on old 2.2.1 (?)
server right now, and it does what it should be doing - recreating the
overview db.

Am I doing something wrong? In real environment, in case something goes
wrong with ovdb overview database, how would one recreate one without
wiping out an entire spool full of articles?


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