"simple" problem with post-access in nnrpd_auth.pl

Marcel Bruch bruch.m at dni.de
Thu Nov 15 00:05:28 UTC 2001

Hi all,

i'm trying to set up an LDAP-authentication with nnrpd_auth.pl.

My program answers an connection-request with 'authneeded' and an
auth-request is tested against an ldap-server and returns a list
of allowed Newsgroups.

On my local machine it works fine, but if other hosts start a
request they are not allowed to post (the "new message"-icon in
netscape is grey).

Because of this I started some tests with the following simple

This one works "fine" - local & remote users can post,read in
$defaultgroups like expected:

sub auth_init {
    # NO INIT

sub authenticate {
 return ($authcodes{'allowed'}, 1,1, $defaultgroups,undef);


But this one does users not allow to post any articles:

sub authenticate {
# return ($authcodes{'allowed'}, 1,1, $defaultgroups,undef);

    if ($attributes{type} eq "connect") {
        return ($connectcodes{'authneeded'}, undef, undef, undef,
    } elsif ($attributes{type} eq "authenticate") {
        return ($authcodes{'allowed'}, 1,1,
    } elsif ($attributes{type} eq "disconnect") {
    return (502,undef,undef,undef,undef);

The user must "authenticate" himself but after this, the
"new-message"-Button is grey and the user is not allowed to post.

Does anybody know whats my fault ? I've tested this program with
INN-2.2.x and the current release 2.3.2.
In both versions local users are allowed to post - remote user

Thanks a lot,

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