"simple" problem with post-access in nnrpd_auth.pl

Marcel Bruch bruch.m at dni.de
Sun Nov 18 22:17:19 UTC 2001

"Jeffrey M. Vinocur" wrote:

> Huh.  I don't know anything about perlauth or really even ldap, maybe
> somebody else...?

It's not an LDAP-problem. It's simply an perlauth-problem. In my
example is no LDAP-Query.
Does anyone work with perlauth ? Please send me a nnrpd_auth.pl
that works.

> Are you using INN 2.2 or 2.3?  If it's 2.2, you'll definitely need to
> write a script; you need 2.3 for readers.conf and pamckpasswd.

I' tested both versions with nnrpd_auth.pl
For 2.3 i had to modify the return-array - but the error is the
same like in 2.2.3

Thanks 4 help

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