"simple" problem with post-access in nnrpd_auth.pl

Marcel Bruch bruch.m at dni.de
Mon Nov 19 01:57:13 UTC 2001

Hi !

it works !

> The client isn't smart enough to realize this has changed after it authenticates;
> that's a standard problem.  If via any authentication method the client
> will eventually be able to post, one has to say that it can post from the
> very beginning, since otherwise the client remembers too much information.

I enjoy using Netscape :-)) 

> Change the first two undef, undef in the return for the connect to 1, 1.
> Does that work any better?

That's all ?! It seems to - now it works fine ! My LDAP
authentication and all access-rules do their work and all
authenticated users can post.

Thank you very, very much for your help !
LDAP - macht verdammt viel möglich !
Diginet GmbH     http://www.diginet.de

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