INN binaries for solaris 7 - thanks Jeffrey

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Fri Sep 14 05:10:13 UTC 2001

Hi Jeffrey

Thanks a lot !!!  I am now using htpasswd and it works just fine, though I am
still curious about the correct usage of crypt.  Now, one last question, how do
I remove a newsgroup.  Do I edit the active file directly or is there a command
like ctlinnd for removing newsgroups?


"Jeffrey M. Vinocur" <jeff at> on 09/14/2001 12:25:07 PM

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Subject:  Re: INN binaries for solaris 7

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, Hongcheang.Quek at wrote:

> Then I created a text file "pass" with the words "testing" in it and applied
> crypt comand to it.
> news%crypt key<pass> passwd

This is definitely not the way to make a password file for news.  The
easiest way is to use the "htpasswd" program from Apache if you have that

You want a file in the same layout as /etc/passwd except with just the
first two fields.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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