History cache doesn't work

Kazunori HASEGAWA hase-sp at netlaputa.ne.jp
Sat Sep 15 02:10:51 UTC 2001

In article <9nt8ka$31h$1 at gatekeeper.tmr.com>,
davidsen at tmr.com (bill davidsen) wrote;

> Looks about right if you are getting a single feed to the machine. You
> won't get benefit from cache unless you have multiple sites sending you
> the same articles. If you have a single feed, or multiple feeds which do
> not overlap, cache buys you little to nothing. All you are getting here
> is CPU and memory usage to no benefit.

I understood how it works.
I had multiple peers before, but now I have just a single peer.
So I don't need to use that function.

Thanks a lot.


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