History cache doesn't work

bill davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Fri Sep 14 15:44:10 UTC 2001

In article <20010914124810.c4ecae%hase-sp at netlaputa.ne.jp>,
Kazunori HASEGAWA  <hase-sp at netlaputa.ne.jp> wrote:
| Hi, all.
| I've got a problem with INN 2.3.3 on my NetBSD box.
| its history cache doesn't seem to work at all.
| I use CNFS srorage method and buffindexed as ovmethod.
| here's status of history cache from daily report;
| History cache:
| Reason                                                         Count     %Count
| Do not exist                                                  784655      97.4%
| Cache misses                                                   21247       2.6%
| Positive hits                                                      0       0.0%
| Negative hits                                                      0       0.0%

Looks about right if you are getting a single feed to the machine. You
won't get benefit from cache unless you have multiple sites sending you
the same articles. If you have a single feed, or multiple feeds which do
not overlap, cache buys you little to nothing. All you are getting here
is CPU and memory usage to no benefit.

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