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Fri Sep 21 17:46:45 UTC 2001

Hi !

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:

KK >} So my question was why the script ignores that one feed (in inn 2.2.x it
KK >} works fine)
KK >
KK >Now, I understand your problem, but I think it should work.
KK >Are your and innreport.conf suitable for
KK >2.3.2(also updated)?
I installed inn 2.3.2 on a "virgin" system without installing inn 2.2.x
before, i guess that i use the files named  above coming with inn 2.3.2 .

KK >} I set readertrack in inn.conf to true and why that program tells me
KK >} disabled (unknown) ?
KK >
KK >That's the message when nnrpd exits and readertrack is true.
KK >You should also see 'Tracking Enabled' when nnrpd starts in
KK >this case.  It does not tell readertrack is disabled, just
KK >tells nnrpd exits and tracking is also stopped.
KK >} And whrer normally tracking is done ?
KK >} I have an idea (i think it was 2.3.0) there was a need to create a track
KK >} dir in $mostlogs and there was tracking done, but i don't even remember
KK >} it at all.
KK >It should be written to patharticles/<msgid> when posted.
Only when posted ? I mean only temp ? Or until i erase it
KK >And it's a posted article itself.
But what has that to to with nnrpd.track ?

KK >It doesn't look like this is described clearly somewhere.
KK >I'll fix man page and a bug in readertrack code.
:-) Good idea

Ciao Gerd

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