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Wed Sep 19 04:56:32 UTC 2001

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} So my question was why the script ignores that one feed (in inn 2.2.x it
} works fine)

Now, I understand your problem, but I think it should work.
Are your and innreport.conf suitable for
2.3.2(also updated)?

} I set readertrack in inn.conf to true and why that program tells me
} disabled (unknown) ?

That's the message when nnrpd exits and readertrack is true.
You should also see 'Tracking Enabled' when nnrpd starts in
this case.  It does not tell readertrack is disabled, just
tells nnrpd exits and tracking is also stopped.

} And whrer normally tracking is done ?
} I have an idea (i think it was 2.3.0) there was a need to create a track
} dir in $mostlogs and there was tracking done, but i don't even remember
} it at
} all.

It should be written to patharticles/<msgid> when posted.
And it's a posted article itself.

It doesn't look like this is described clearly somewhere.
I'll fix man page and a bug in readertrack code.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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