a few questions about INN 2.3.2 (on SunOS 5.8 i386)

Brian C. Hill bchill at bch.net
Tue Sep 25 05:14:38 UTC 2001

	I will admit that I am sort of new at this.

	I have a few questions:

	1) I am/was under the impression that if a group
	is not in the active file, it will be tossed. I
	have a couple of groups that keep appearing anyway.

	2) The articles from 1) should at least follow the storage
	method for the class for which I have '*' speficied as the
	pattern, but they don't. I have that class set to timecaf, but
	they are being stored as tradspool.

	3) Articles are appearing in the wrong group. Even when I wipe
	the entire server clean and start fresh, this happens after
	just a few articles have been collected.  I did do a touch
	history ; makedbz -if history before I started INN again. I
	have tried makehistory -O, but that doesn't seem to be having
	any effect.

	4) What are INN folks using to gateway email->newgroups?

	Does anyone have clues to any of these? I have searched through
the archives, but haven't found anything relevant. Are there bugs
in INN 2.3.2?


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