cnfs buffer won't initialize.

Ron Jarrell jarrell at
Sun Sep 30 21:56:08 UTC 2001

At 12:37 AM 9/30/01 -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:

>Ron Jarrell <jarrell at> writes:
>> I'll give that a try.  Can't hurt I guess.  Although I did try doing a
>> dd from an initialized cycbuff to the one that won't initialize, and the
>> data wrote fine.  That time, INN saw it as initialized, and bitched
>> about the fact that d5-1-6 had d5-0-6's cycbuff label in it.  dd
>> /dev/zero to it, and start again, and we're back to the write error!
>Hm... oh, wait.  I'm remembering something vaguely.  Are you running a
>64-bit kernel?  There are some limitations on the size of raw partitions
>that one can access at the 2GB mark, and I'm not sure what version of
>Solaris they were lifted at, if they were lifted.  I'm pretty sure you at
>least have to be running a 64-bit kernel.
>But other partitions of the same size are working fine?
>Hm.  Then that can't be it....

Yea, it's the 64 bit kernel.  Solaris 8.  And, as you noted yourself, the
other identical partitions work.

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