cnfs buffer won't initialize.

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Sep 30 07:37:14 UTC 2001

Ron Jarrell <jarrell at> writes:

> I'll give that a try.  Can't hurt I guess.  Although I did try doing a
> dd from an initialized cycbuff to the one that won't initialize, and the
> data wrote fine.  That time, INN saw it as initialized, and bitched
> about the fact that d5-1-6 had d5-0-6's cycbuff label in it.  dd
> /dev/zero to it, and start again, and we're back to the write error!

Hm... oh, wait.  I'm remembering something vaguely.  Are you running a
64-bit kernel?  There are some limitations on the size of raw partitions
that one can access at the 2GB mark, and I'm not sure what version of
Solaris they were lifted at, if they were lifted.  I'm pretty sure you at
least have to be running a 64-bit kernel.

But other partitions of the same size are working fine?

Hm.  Then that can't be it....

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