"dbz.c: Can't malloc" during expire

Elizabeth Zaenger liz at eecs.umich.edu
Tue Apr 2 13:54:16 UTC 2002

Hi folks,

I'm running inn-2.3.2, and I built it with these configurations:

./configure  --with-perl --with-sendmail=/usr/sbin/sendmail --with-etc-dir=/ne
ws/etc --with-largefiles --prefix=/news

I'm using cnfs (all files less than 2G), and running on FreBSD 4.3.

My history file has now grown to 2.6 G, and I'm getting malloc errors on

expireover start Mon Apr  1 09:59:33 EST 2002: ( -z/news/log/expire.rm -Z/news/log/expire.lowmark)
expireover end Mon Apr  1 12:09:54 EST 2002
lowmarkrenumber begin Mon Apr  1 12:09:54 EST 2002: (/news/log/expire.lowmark)
lowmarkrenumber end Mon Apr  1 12:09:54 EST 2002
expire begin Mon Apr  1 12:10:24 EST 2002: (-v1)
    dbz.c:1283 Can't malloc 259001196 bytes: Cannot allocate memoryexpire end Mon Apr  1 12:10:27 EST 2002
        all done Mon Apr  1 12:10:27 EST 2002

I have a slave system with a history file of 2.2G that is not failing on 
expire. I thought "with-largefiles" was supposed to fix all this?  Or is it 
something else?

(Sigh, I didn't want to upgrade until the end of the term....)


Elizabeth Zaenger, Unix Support
Departmental Computing Organization
University of Michigan, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dept.

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