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Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at
Tue Apr 2 19:52:47 UTC 2002

On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, Sundaram Divya-QDIVYA1 wrote:

> (1) References Line preservations: What does INN do with regards
>     to pruning or preserving the References line?

As far as I know, nnrpd does not prune or fold References when a user
posts.  And certainly INN doesn't ever touch an article coming in from
another server.

The newsreader is likely the culprit.

> (2) I was reading through

The example one?  It is just an example, you know.  Unless you're trying
to do something odd that readers.conf can't handle, you don't need to look
at it.  And since the example one reads the old-style nnrp.access file,
it's probably not what you want.  Have you read the perlhook

> and was amazed by the
>     lack of comments in the script. There is no real documentation
>     on exactly what the various functions do and what the variables
>     represent. My personal pet peeve is perl hackers using code
>     like:
> 	    chomp;
> 	    s/\#.*//g;
> 	    ($block, $perm, $user, $pass, $tmp{groups}) = split(/:/);
>     While any perl hacker would be proud of such code, I find
>     no real clue as to the intentions of the coder from this
>     code.

Do you know Perl?  That's a pretty trivial example.  Obviously, we're
reading from a config file of some sort.  First we remove the newline.
Then we get rid of anything after a # (that is, a comment).  Then we
parse the fields indicate by : characters and give them each names.

The only tricky thing is $tmp{groups}, but again, if you know Perl, there
shouldn't be a problem.

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