nnrpd.access file in INN 2.3.2 & tuning

kajan kajan at singnet.com.sg
Wed Apr 3 03:48:15 UTC 2002

Hi all,

First of all, I am new to this mailing list.

I want to use INN 2.3.2 in Redhat 7.2 server.

I have to use nnrp.access as we only allow some range of  IP addresses. My
present nnrp.access(INN 1.7.2) has around 700 lines so it is difficult to
put all them in readers.conf.

So which version of "CURRENT" or "STABLE" snapshot supports nnrp.acces file?
Or can the stable version "inn-STABLE-20020330" be configured to use the

Also, is there any files in Redhat7.2 to INN 2.3.2 that can be changed to
get better performance because I found lots of dropping articles mainly
binary articles.

Thank you in advance.



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