problems with posting on 2.3.2

Matus fantomas Uhlar uhlar at
Wed Apr 17 10:17:21 UTC 2002

-> | You mean you still have '437 Invalid Xref header', while
-> | you posted without Xref?  This should not happen, since
-> | nnrpd never appends Xref header.
->   I'm going to take a wild stab at this. I suspect that he was still
-> running, for some reason, as xrefslave. He was also running with posting
-> host set to the local host instead of the master as it should be.

Well I believe i changed xrefslave to false and restarted the server. After
having problems, stopped it, ran expireover and restarted again. One or two
posts were accepted and then the problem re-appeared.

->   Given this bad configuration, I would believe that when nnrpd offered
-> an article with *no* valid Xref to use for storing the article, innd
-> sensibly refused to do so and returned a "WTF?" message since it was
-> asked to save with no place to do it and didn't have a better message
-> to return.

That would explain it. But i hope I am not that stupid. That's why I asked.
Now i checked logs to make sure innd was stopped/started between changing
xrefslave value. I did.

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