manual moderation of posts?

Wed Apr 17 20:08:26 UTC 2002

>What I'd like to be able to do is moderate postings, eg 
>all postings from ISP x or ISP y will go into a manual queue. I can 
>remove all the spam posts and then do a manual batch post once a day.
>It seems to me there should be an easy way to do this, but I can't figure 
>it out offhand.

One trivial way to do this is by using innxmit instead of innfeed for your
feeds -- simply run nntpsend manually (rather than from cron) after you've 
reviewed what's queued and deleted all the spam. You will also, of course, 
want to contact your downstream customer(s) and have the appropriate 
accounts nuked for the spam that you detect and delete.

Obviously, however, this is tedious and time consuming, and means that
legitimate posts could have nearly a one day delay in the worst case 
scenario (someone posting just after you do the manual vetting and feed

A more interesting approach would be to look at characteristics of the
spam that might make it possible to identify them, hashbusting code
inclusion or not. Sometimes this is a function of headers, othertimes
you may need to look at the body of the message. You may not need to 
make much of a chance to cleanfeed in order to detect and block the 

Finally, another approach might be to use exponential backoff to deter 
mass posting by your users or your customers users.



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