Inn installation 2.3.0

Jake Roersma jaker at
Wed Aug 14 23:55:40 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-08-14 at 19:46, manoj wrote:
> Okey,
> This time I got some error into log file.
> THanks it was space not tab, I corrected and when I try to restart I got
> this error but please not that innd is not running and nor I can telnet to
> the port 119 after changing entry into /etc/inetd.conf (removing nntp port
> entry).
> Here is the rror which I got.
> bash-2.03# tail news.err
> Aug 14 16:37:21 congo inndstart: [ID 910776 news.error] can't setgroups: Not
> own
> er
> Aug 14 16:37:21 congo inndstart: [ID 968305 news.error] seteuid(0) failed:
> Not o
> wner

Then make sure all files have correct ownership inndstart should be, and should be run by the user news.

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