INN 2.3.3 new installation: no overview data retrieved with artic le

BATES, KEVIN T (SBCSI) kb3586 at
Fri Aug 16 17:59:56 UTC 2002

	Hello!  I hope someone can give me some guidance with a new INN
The issue in a nutshell is this:
	When I try to retrieve articles no header information is returned,
however I know that the article has been posted.

	I've installed INN 2.3.3 from the tarball onto my AIX server.
Everything is running correctly and there are no errors in the log files.  I
have no external feeds, just one locally created group.  Everything is
running as the 'news' user and owned by the 'news' user.  I've posted
articles using several external newsreaders.  When I try to retrieve the
headers, nothing is returned.  Similarly if I telnet to the server on port
119 and issue:

group bis.test
xover low-high
xover 1-

nothing is returned except the '.'  The article is in the spool directory
and the header looks right.  I've tried enabling 'useoverchan' to no avail.
'enableoverview' is set to true.  The only entry in my newsfeed is the 'ME'
entry (unless I've enabled 'useoverchan' of course).

Has anyone had a similar problem or no where I might check?  I've been
struggling with this for several days.

Thanks much for any help you all can provide!!

Kevin Bates
kb3586 at

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