greg andruk gja at
Sat Aug 17 06:54:19 UTC 2002

Forrest J. Cavalier III wrote:
> Thanks for posting.  I've always been curious.

Me too.

> How is the performance?

Still lots of testing to do, but the initial incoming peformance is 
nothing to write home about: 5 arts/sec with timehash/tradindexed.  I 
want to make it all work before worrying about anything resembling real 
profiling, but I'll make a wild guess and blame NT's dog slow file 
creation in combo with the timehash for most of that.  The disk 
blinkenlights tend to agree.  nnrpd is nice and zippy, though, and i'm 
optimistic that CNFS will help lots, once I get around to it.

The nnrpd crashing problem was from the setproctitle stuff, not very 

For expire, I think I'll end up living for now with history files being 
unavailable for a moment each night while things get swapped.  Oh well. 
  For the newgroup/rmgroup active stuff, using something closer to INN 
1.7 behavior seems to be working out.

I'll shove diffs or a tarball out somewhere, soonish, for others to play 
with, once I've seen the thing stay up and not hang or explodiate for a 
while.  Meanwhile I'll shut up and go play.

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