Auth/Access Question

David R. Fischer fischerdr at
Mon Aug 19 13:22:38 UTC 2002

> What are you trying to store in LDAP, authentication info (i.e.,
> passwords), or list of which groups are authorized, or both?
yes I am Looking to store not only Users and passwords (which I already 
know how to do, but also what groups the user is authorized in.

i.e. I have teachers that can post to all the students newsgroups then I 
have a group for each class year 200, 2001, 2002 ,..., and so on.  Now 
to hold all the users in one database with the current access system 
looks like this will not work since the auth system does not go one step 
further and work with the GID of the users.  If the Gid was users as the 
group auth system then I could build ACL around the different groups.

Is this more clear???
David R. Fischer

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