Auth/Access Question

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Aug 20 05:01:25 UTC 2002

Jeffrey M Vinocur <jeff at> writes:

> I have three thoughts:

> - What if we add a flag to `ckpasswd [-s]` to, instead of returning an
>   identity of "user", return "user at group"?  I don't see any problems 
>   offhand working that nicely into the readers.conf model, actually,
>   although I haven't thought hard.  Other people's thoughts on this?

Works for me.  I vaguely remember someone else wanting something like that
too... ah, yes, here we go:

* One person wanted to allow access to the news server only to people who
  are members of a specific Unix group.  ckpasswd could do this as an
  option and it would probably be easy enough to add.

What with two requests, given how simple it would be to add, I say go for
it.  Should be easy to add things to ckpasswd now; I rewrote it the other

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