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Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Aug 21 00:14:42 UTC 2002

>> Some people do CVSup, although I don't know the details.  You can get
>> nightly snapshots from, though, will that do?

> Only asking because I want to make sure of current updates instead of 
> nightlys

The best way to get the latest and greatest code is via CVSup.  There is
no anonymous CVS service at the present time (and probably won't be until
such time as we switch to Subversion or something easier to administer
anonymous access to down the road).


Using CVSup

    If you want to get updated INN source more easily or more quickly than
    by downloading nightly snapshots, or if you want to see the full CVS
    history, you may want to use CVSup to download the source.  CVSup is a
    client and server designed for replicating CVS repositories between

    Unfortunately, CVSup is written in Modula-3, so getting a working binary
    can be somewhat difficult.  Binaries are available in the *BSD ports
    collection or (for a wide variety of different platforms) available from
    <> and its mirrors. 
    Alternately, you can get a compiler from <>
    (this is more actively maintained than the DEC Modula-3 compiler) and
    the source from <>.

    After you have the CVSup client, you need to have space to download the
    INN repository and space for CVSup to store its data files.  You also
    need to write a configuration file (a supfile) for CVSup.  The following
    supfile will download the latest versions from the mainline source:

        *default base=<data-location>
        *default prefix=<download-location>
        *default release=cvs
        *default tag=.
        *default delete use-rel-suffix

    where <data-location> should be a directory where CVSup can put its data
    files and <download-location> is where the downloaded source will go. 
    If you want to pull down the entire CVS repository instead (warning:
    this is much larger than just the latest versions of the source), delete
    the "*default tag=." line.  The best way to download the CVS repository
    is to download it into a portion of a locally-created CVS repository, so
    that then you can perform standard CVS operations (like cvs log) against
    the downloaded repository.  Creating your own local CVS repository is
    outside the scope of this document.

    For more general information on using CVSup, see the FreeBSD page on it
    at <>.

Note that Debian also has a CVSup package (apt-get install cvsup).

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