Auth/Access Question

David R. Fischer fischerdr at
Tue Aug 20 23:51:12 UTC 2002

> You could.  However, I don't think there's any good way to fit multiple 
> groups in the readers.conf model.  You don't want to return a list of the 
> groups (because readers.conf isn't set up to deal with that), and the only 
> other thing would be to pass in a list of acceptable groups on the 
> commandline (but that seems contrived).
> I really think the best thing for you would be to use the Perl or Python 
> hooks.  Using the perl_access: feature in CURRENT, what you desire should 
> be very easy.

OK I guess this would be the fastest.

> Some people do CVSup, although I don't know the details.  You can get 
> nightly snapshots from, though, will that do?

Only asking because I want to make sure of current updates instead of 

> Ok, I think you're very confused.  You *definitely* don't want to be 
> changing nnrpd for this.  It's not worth your time.  And I don't know if 
> this is something we'd integrate into the main tree, which means you'd 
> have to maintain it through future changes to nnrpd.  You could do it by 
> changing ckpasswd, if you really wanted.  I do think the cleanest, 
> simplest, and easiest thing would be to use the hooks.
The reason I was heading down this path is other news servers have this 
feature built-in (i.e users in multi-groups allowing certain access 
priv).  But feel that INND is the best one for the job, also prefer unix 

I would like to say thanks for the help and information that everyone 
has provided..

David R. Fischer

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