safe to run overchan when useoverchan is set to "false"?

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Aug 26 00:45:10 UTC 2002

Ben Rosengart <br+inn at> writes:

> I'm running an INN 2.3.2 server, and occasionally, articles don't show
> up in overview even though they're present on the machine.  I'm not
> using overchan, but I'd like to pass the problem articles to it so I can
> add them to overview "after the fact".  Only thing is, I'm not sure it's
> safe to have overchan and innd writing to the overview database at the
> same time.  (I'm using ovdb, but considering switching to tradindexed.)
> What's the story?

It should be safe for ovdb.  It basically depends on whether the overview
method locks against multiple simultaneous writers.  It should also be
safe with the tradindexed rewrite and I think with the old version.  I'm
not sure about buffindexed.

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