(fwd) Re: INN: domain name in message-IDs

Todd Olson tco2 at cornell.edu
Mon Aug 26 16:10:38 UTC 2002


>I suppose we could decide that there aren't any hosts around any more that
>are so old that INN can't figure out the right domain name (although I'm
>not sure this is true for some weird local configurations) and that domain
>could be recycled to set the local host name.  Although if we're going to
>do that, I'd rather just remove the domain parameter and add a new one.
>Like, say, hostname.  :)
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Just so long as this is throughly tested on Solaris
Unfortunately it is still true on Solaris 9 that Sun insists that
the hostname is the *unqualified* name  (eg fred  vs  fred.cornell.edu)
They are a bit schitzoid about this
(I spent some time reading all the man pages I could find and am still confused)
but some of their disk array software refuses to work if you
set the hostname to a fully qualified domain.

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